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Natural Capital Symposium

The World Bank’s new Natural Capital Index: Guidance for countries towards more efficient, sustainable futures

March 17, 2020 - 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Munger Conference Center, Paul Brest Hall

The World Bank’s Sustainable Development Vice Presidency is launching an initiative to develop a Natural Capital Index (NCI) to be reported for every country in the world, as a complement to the World Bank’s recently developed Human Capital Index. The primary objective of this work is to develop natural capital metrics that are useful for policy purposes. The NCI will be a benchmark in answering the question, ‘how well is the country doing given its endowment of natural capital?’ The NCI and sub-component metrics are being designed as easy-to-interpret, repeatable and transparent measures to inform decisions on prioritizing development investments for a more sustainable future.  In this session, leaders of the NCI development from NatCap and the World Bank will present the technical approach and preliminary results (including biodiversity and ecosystem services: carbon, nutrient retention, agricultural production, air quality regulation) in monetary and human health metrics.  The panel discussion will elicit feedback from the audience in the technical approach and compelling ways to report results for greatest policy impact. 

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