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Rachel Neugarten

PhD student at Cornell University

Rachel Neugarten is a PhD student at Cornell University, where she studies the impacts of conservation interventions on biodiversity and human well-being. Rachel has a B.A. in Environmental Biology from Columbia University and an M.S. in Natural Resources from Cornell. Rachel also has over a decade of experience in the conservation nonprofit sector. From 2004-2008 Rachel worked for The Nature Conservancy, conducting ecological assessments of freshwater systems and supporting project teams in conservation planning and evaluation. From 2011-2019 she served as Director of Conservation Priority Setting at Conservation International, where she worked to incorporate ecosystem services and human well-being into CI’s geographic priority setting, monitoring and evaluation frameworks. While at CI Rachel led a team of scientist to develop and test methods for mapping important areas for biodiversity, fresh water, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and food security. She led national- and regional-scale natural capital mapping to inform conservation investment and action in Madagascar, Cambodia, Amazonia, Liberia, and Asia Pacific. Rachel is currently leading an effort, in collaboration with Becky Chaplin Kramer and others from the Natural Capital Project, to map the world’s most critical natural capital at a global scale. Rachel also serves on the board of directors of the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) which supports conservation practitioners around the world to incorporate best practices for adaptive management into conservation planning, monitoring, and evaluation.